Paper Space iOS GamePaper Space! – An iOS Arcade Style Game

Paper Space started with a doodle in one of my note books. The idea of making it into simple Arcade style game came for my work in schools, training teachers to use iPads and specifically showing them swift playground. An application that will allow teachers and students to program in Swift programming language.


Paper Space! - An iOS Arcade Style GamePaper Space! - An iOS Arcade Style Game

Using really simple hand drawn graphics provides the user with a fun and interesting user interface that is very different from computer generated graphics. With the added sound effects of an 80’s & 90’s space invaders game it completes the package.

In testing the game I found both young and Adults enjoyed the game especially anyone who was into arcade games. Over all Paper Space! is a cool and fun 50 level asteroid game you can play on the iPad or iPhone. Enjoy the doodled graphics when you have a few minutes to kill. Blasting the asteroids and enemies out of this world as you move through Paper Space!

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